Unfortunately the project has been discontinued due to the lack of interest from players. The site works in read-only mode and registration is closed. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions or thoughts.

RoboPoker SDK

Basic usage

The distribution is optimized for the most basic usage scenarios. Suppose you simply want to create the random hand, play it and see the result. For such purposes the distribution contains configuration file hand_players.list and two control scripts: create and play.

Control scripts usage example

$ pwd
$ ./create.sh > hand01.xml
$ cat hand01.xml | ./play.sh
> echo %cd%
> create.bat > hand01.xml
> type hand01.xml | play.bat

Example output

  vbo        4H QS
  lenny      AS 8H
  vbo[190]   small_blind[10]
  lenny[180] big_blind[20]
  vbo[180]   call[20]

...some text skipped...

lenny wins 40 with Pair [TD, 8D, 4S, 7H, 5C, AS, 8H]

You can watch some test bots playing poker on your computer. We host these bots on our servers for comfortable testing. To add your bot to this game edit the hand_players.list file in the distribution root and recreate the hand. See the file comments for details.

Advanced usage

  1. Open hand01.xml file and check out the internal state representation.
    You can manually create such files to reproduce edge conditions and bugs.
  2. Hack control scripts ;) They hide some very useful information to avoid redundancy.
  3. Hack platform.py script (you need source distribution for this purpose).
    Use platform as python library to create your oun test-runners.
  4. Use undocumented pipe-based transport to create local test bots and quickly run regression tests.


Windows binary distribution

~2MB Just works.

Source distribution

~16KB Python interpreter required.


Fork us on github

Git, python and a cup of hot tea required.