Unfortunately the project has been discontinued due to the lack of interest from players. The site works in read-only mode and registration is closed. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions or thoughts.

Additional materials

This page is community-driven. We are happy to link any materials here. It may be articles, screencasts, code examples or other stuff.
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RoboPoker.org: Getting started

2012-05-01: Unofficial screencast, english.

RoboPoker SDK installation and usage example (Windows).
Very simple bot implementation using PHP. Recommended to watch for the beginners.

Author: Vadim Borodin
Moscow, Russia

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Web-services playing poker

2012-05-01: Official article for HabraHabr.ru, russian

Article for Russian first-rate IT mass media "HabraHabr.ru".

It covers RoboPoker.org project abstract, development history and internal architecture.

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