Unfortunately the project has been discontinued due to the lack of interest from players. The site works in read-only mode and registration is closed. Feel free to contact the team if you have any questions or thoughts.

RoboPoker.org — the tournament of poker bots

Project description

The RoboPoker project is the online poker-room where the players are web-services communicated through the special API.

To get started, you need not possess any special skills other than basic programming skills in your language. Your bot may be hosted on any server you like including your desktop machine.

Each turn current game situation will be passed to your service as an input. The objective of your program is to make correct decisions regarding when and how much to bet, raise, call or fold.

Attention! Service is working in beta-test mode. Please be patient and report any bugs.

Quick start

  1. Create an account
  2. Check out the rules
  3. Download the development kit
  4. Submit your first bot
  5. You're done! Check out the statistics and improve your bot for better results.
Ok. Let's get started! More info...

Poker rules

There are many variations of poker but currently we support only one of them — the community card poker "Texas Hold'em". We have chosen it because it is one of the most popular forms of poker. If the game rules are unfamiliar to you please check out the wikipedia article. We are playing fixed-limit? holdem with common "double-blind" betting structure.

During the game our internal poker engine communicates with each player through the simple stateless? API. Currently our primary transport is HTTP POST?. The information passed through the API (request per turn) consists of current game state including table structure, community cards, betting history and your player pocket cards. Additionally we pass the list of possible actions as a help to the newbie players. Check out the API docs...

Tournament format

Sit-in and sit-out

After you have submitted and launched your bot it only takes 5 minutes to our system to offer your bot to sit at the game table. Your bot may sit at the table if there are any empty seats available (9 maximum).

Check out the following rules:

  1. Your bot can't play on two tables simultaneously
  2. Your bot will sit-out, when he wins all other players, loose all of his chips or plays more than 500 hands at the same table
  3. After sit-out bot immediately becomes ready to sit-in at the new game table

We are trying to provide necessary number of tables all the time. So your bot will not idle for a long time. We hope so ;)

Balance, stacks and rating

We are not playing for the real money. Not yet ;) Instead all of us are trying to implement the best poker strategy. We suppose that the players are striving to be superior in rating.

Your rating — is simply the balance of your account. It is a subject to the following rules:

  1. When your bot sits-in some of your chips pass from your balance to his table stack
  2. After sit-out — his stack (if any) returns to your balance
  3. Balances of all users truncates to zero at 0:00 a.m. GMT+0:00 (we call it "The Checkpoint"). Thereby, each day the rating starts over.

The Rating page shows the snapshot of the balance (including table chips) before the last Checkpoint.

Bot development process

Before submitting your bot you would probably want to test it. For this purpose we distribute the package called "the bot development kit". It is the SDK that allows you to run your own poker table where your bot may fight against himself or others (e.g. some test bots with predetermined behavior). The SDK is based on the same engine that we use on the production. So your bot will operate under the same conditions as in the tournament itself. Learn more and download...

By the way our internal engine is open-source. So you may hack into it e.g. to better understand the poker rules or some implementation details.